Logyard dreams and a decade of dedication

23 Sep 21

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Trevor Trigg celebrates 10 years of service.

A self-proclaimed former ‘nomad’, Trevor Trigg was looking for some stability in his life, and turned to the timber industry to find it.

The industry delivered.

Currently a forklift operator at the Jubilee Sawmill, Trevor has achieved 10 solid years of service, with no signs of slowing down or going elsewhere anytime soon.

To celebrate Trevor’s ten years, we had a chat about what motivates him, his aspirations, and what other challenges he’s taking on.

“I started in the timber industry in 2002. I was at PMO, Lakeside and even Dartmoor for a month casually.

I was a bit of a nomad back then.

When Lakeside closed in 2012, I transferred over to Jubilee.

I eventually felt like I needed some stability in my life, and after settling in to Jubilee I knew the timber industry could help with that.

I started here at the greenmill stacker. I’ve also driven water truck and log grabs.

I’ve got a vision to go out into the log yard – I love it out there. It really suits me and I love the challenge. It’s great fun.

I used to watch the guys out in the log yard and thought ‘I want to do that’.

I let management know that’s what I wanted to do and in 2017 I got that opportunity, I was out there for 6 months driving the grab, now if someone is away I’m out there as a relief.

I love the challenge of the log yard, dealing with the logs, sometimes you crack it a bit but you just hang in there – the skill it takes and the challenge, it’s great.

I’ve found I’m always able to learn new things here – it’s a good thing about the industry, that there’s so many different avenues out there and so much to learn, so much new stuff to do.

Outside of work I like riding motorbikes, cars, I’m a bit of a rev head really. This year I’ve taken on riding a skateboard with my 10 year old daughter -so I guess I do like a challenge in general.

Compared to some of the other guys I haven’t been here long – but even over the past 10 years I’ve seen heaps of changes. A new saw line, new forklifts, it’s all upgrades and good change.

I’ve heard those stories of the old fellas of the hard manual labour they used to do, but now it’s all automated and not too bad.

I’ve got a whole host of people that have mentored me out here.

Tim Arnold taught me a lot on the grab. He’s a good teacher.

Coog and the other crew – they’ve helped me too.

It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do and having those mentors has definitely made it easier to learn.

I think everyone says it – I’ll only be here for 12 months it’s not a permanent thing and then there goes 10 years.

For me, the timber industry has provided stability – it’s been good to me.

I take an interest in my job, and absolutely I love it. I feel safe here.

You’ll probably be talking to me in another 10 years, hopefully over at the log yard!”

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