Tim Arnold – staying steady and celebrating 25 years at Jubilee

11 Jun 21

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“Stay steady, keep rolling up every day, and listen to some of the older fellas…”

Solid advice from Logyard Operator Tim Arnold.

The third generation in his family to forge a career in forestry, Tim has just clocked up 25 years at the Jubilee Sawmill, and has taken a few minutes to reflect and share his story.

“I guess I have a bit of family history in the industry.

I came here when I was a kid. They used to run tours for schools and employee’s families, I remember doing a tour and seeing dad working.

Dad worked here for 26 years, it was Woods and Forests then, and about a year after he finished up I started at the Drymill – stacking timber by hand. Back in the day, my grandfather used to chop pines down by hand.

I just thought I’d start out and see how long I stayed until I moved on, but I just kept turning up, and turned it into a career.

I’ve worked through a few different jobs around the mill, from grading timber, into the sorters, and then back into the greenmill. A chance came up to have a go out in the log yard, so I took it and really enjoyed it – I’ve been out here for maybe 9 years.

Safety is one of the biggest changes I’ve seen. The safety is a lot better. You want to go home in one piece, and these days I feel a lot more confident that I will!

The machinery now is awesome too. The technology just gets better and better, like going to from a steering wheel in the log grab to toggle steering – it’s almost like you’re in a video game and you get heaps more done.

It’s good to have a steady job and to keep nailing it. Once you’ve done 5 years, then 10, before you know it, well here we are at 25.

My advice is to just stay steady, keep rolling up every day, and listen to some of the older fellas about things like safety, how things used to be and how they’re better now. Because trust me, and the other older guys, things really are a lot better than they used to be.

You have your good and bad days, but just rock up the next day and wipe the slate clean and give it another go.”

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