Fire & prescribed burning

Prescribed burning One Forty One


Fire is a common occurrence in the Australian landscape. As a result, fire management is a core responsibility of OneFortyOne in order to protect life and property.

The OneFortyOne estate is a high value asset and has developed strategies for its protection in its Fire Management Plan.

OneFortyOne also works in cooperation with ForestrySA, the Country Fire Service (CFS) in South Australia and Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria as well as other land managers and adjacent landholders to manage fire risk.

A great deal of effort and resources are dedicated to the prevention of fires to reduce their impact. Forest growers in the Green Triangle cooperate to fund surveillance aircraft on days of high fire danger and ForestrySA operates seven fire towers to detect fires as soon as possible after they start.

OneFortyOne maintains a fleet of large fire tankers and bulk water carriers, which are strategically located across the region to respond to fires. Specialised water bombing aircraft are also contracted by fire agencies to supplement ground based resources.

No fires are permitted to be lit on OneFortyOne land.

To report a fire, dial 000.

Prescribed burning

Many ForestrySA-managed native forest reserves are scattered across the Green Triangle region. As many of these reserves are either surrounded by or adjacent to OneFortyOne plantations, OneFortyOne works cooperatively with ForestrySA to achieve the prescribed burning program.

ForestrySA uses prescribed burning to manage fuel loads within the reserves to reduce fire hazard, manage vegetation and maintain biodiversity.

Prescribed burns are undertaken in accordance with the ForestrySA Fire Management Plan that specifies burning frequency and intensity and ensures that there is a mix of recently burnt and unburnt areas within the native forest reserves.

Prescribed burning may be undertaken in either spring or autumn when weather conditions and fuel moisture levels are suitable.

For more information regarding upcoming and recently completed prescribed burns contact ForestrySA at

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