OneFortyOne Plantations is committed to environmental stewardship and is actively working with the forestry industry at the local and national level to drive improvements for a safe and sustainable future.

To view our Sustainable Forest Management Policy, click here.

Our estate is certified to the internationally recognised Australian Forestry Standard (AFS), which is endorsed by the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

We have an integrated Forest Management System covering all processes involved in the management and protection of plantations, other land use activities and the delivery of forest products to our customers.

This Forest Management System is certified under the Australian Forestry Standard (AS 4708-2013), which requires OneFortyOne to meet internationally accepted criteria for sustainable forest management. The Forest Management System applies to the total area of land under management control in OneFortyOne’s estate.


For more information on AFS forest management certification, visit the Australian Forestry Standard website.

For a copy of the most recent AFS Public Summary Report contact fms@onefortyone.com.


Defined Forest Area

OneFortyOne’s Defined Forest Area is the land subject to the Plantation Lease Agreements (SA and Vic) with the Government of South Australia. Standing plantations owned by other owners within the OneFortyOne lease area are excluded from the Defined Forest Area. When these areas are harvested and regenerated in the future they will become part of the Defined Forest Area.

The current Defined Forest Area is 93,564 hectares of land. This figure is updated annually after 30 June. The map below provides further detail of the extent and location of the Defined Forest Area.

Defined Forest Areas – Green Triangle Region

OneFortyOne’s estate is managed under its Forest Management Plan.

Stakeholder input is welcomed at any time via fms@onefortyone.com or directed in writing to: OneFortyOne Plantations, PO Box 1383 Mount Gambier, SA, 5290.


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