Our Business Partners

Meet our partners who manage our forest and market out products.

Campbell Global

Campbell Global brings more than three decades of experience and leadership to sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management. As a full-service firm, they acquire and manage timberland for investors, while providing the highest quality service and expert management. Known for expertise and integrity, they deliver superior investment performance by focusing on unique acquisition opportunities, client objectives, and disciplined management. Campbell Global currently manage more than 3.1 million acres (1.3 million hectares) worldwide.

Rayonier NZ

Rayonier NZ manage the sales and marketing aspects of our export operation. Rayonier NZ has been successfully involved in the log export trade since 1989 and is now one of the leading exporters of radiata pine in Australasia. Rayonier is also a forest owner and the largest shareholder in Matariki Forestry Group in NZ.

ISO Marshalling (Australia)

ISO provides log marshalling services at the Port of Portland and manages OneFortyOne’s logistics hub and log storage yards at the Port. ISO operates in seven ports throughout New Zealand as well as at Portland and other ports in Australia. Its operations are focused on the forest products industry, with operations structured across stevedoring, marshalling and transport activities.

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