Our markets

Logs produced from the OneFortyOne estate are sold to domestic and export markets. High value, small to medium size sawlogs are sold to processors in South Australia and Victoria. Lower quality logs and logs surplus to domestic requirements are sold to export markets.



Most log product from the OneFortyOne estate is sold to major processors located in South Australia and western Victoria’s Green Triangle region.

The bulk of all sawn timber produced is used in housing construction, packaging and landscaping, while smaller logs are used for posts and poles. Lower quality logs are chipped and used for panel board manufacture.

For domestic sales enquiries contact: info@onefortyone.com.au


imports-newOneFortyOne has implemented an export strategy to sell lower quality logs and sawlog surplus to domestic demand into markets in China, Korea and India from the Port of Portland.

OneFortyOne has partnered with Rayonier, as log marketer and ISO Limited, as log marshaller to operate the export business. OneFortyOne has also invested in and established a logistics and fumigation hub near the Port. This investment will ensure the export operation is maintained over the long term to help balance and complement domestic market cycles.

Contact Rayonier/Matariki Forests (NZ) for export sales enquires at: rnz.export@rayonier.com

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