OneFortyOne values its role in the community and has a strong commitment to the people living in the Green Triangle region. OneFortyOne is proud to support a range of community initiatives and programs that build capacity, including local grant and scholarship programs.

Community initiatives undertaken by OneFortyOne include:

Nature Glenelg Trust

A unique collaboration and funding partnership with Nature Glenelg Trust has enabled the Trust to purchase, and start restoring a significant wetland at Mount Burr in the Limestone Coast region.

Mt Burr Swamp is a modified wetland basin of 550-60 hectares in size, and is a central feature on a larger 3000 hectare parcel of land that was developed as a private mixed farming enterprise over the past 60 years. The property is located in the lower South East of South Australia, east of Millicent and north-west of Mt Gambier, and lies adjacent to Marshes Native Forest Reserve (NFR)….

Stand Like Stone Foundation

A funding partnership established in 2013 with the Stand Like Stone Foundation has resulted in community grants that are already having a significant impact in the Limestone Coast region.

The program provides grants up to $50,000 per year to individuals, families, groups, corporations and not-for-profit organisations and inject real value into to the Limestone Coast community.

The partnership program has the potential to help many people now and in the future.


OneFortyOne has proudly offered forestry scholarship assistance since 2014, and in 2018 that investment grows into a full academic scholarship worth more than $10,000 per year.

OneFortyOne is committed to investing in the future leaders of the forestry industry.



Fire resources investment

fireresourcesOneFortyOne is committed to fire protection and suppression. A fleet of large fire tankers and bulk water carriers is maintained and substantial investments in equipment and resources is made each year to minimise loss to the forest estate and surrounding community.

OneFortyOne has made direct investments in fire resources over recent years including funding for the following key projects:

•   the purchase of four new thermal cameras to ensure local fire brigades have the most up-to-date equipment;

•   installation of a high capacity water pumping facility for filling water bombing aircraft at the Millicent airstrip;

•   invested in the upgrade of fire-bombing infrastructure at the Naracoorte Airbase.

Local industry and development grants

SA-govtOneFortyOne has been working with the Government of South Australia to deliver a $27 million South East Forestry Partnerships Program to boost investment, economic development and jobs in the region.

The program supports new and existing businesses focused on initiatives and innovation that add value to the timber supply chain.


Recreation – Ghost Mushroom

As the proud land manager of the SA Government’s Green Triangle forest estate, we were pleased to be part of a unique collaboration with ForestrySA, Tourism Mount Gambier and the Lady Nelson Visitor and Discovery Centre.

Every year during late autumn – early winter, the beautiful Ghost Mushroom appears in our Mount Gambier pine forests, glowing with a soft eerie green light during the dark of night.


Recreation – Pines Enduro

recreation-210ForestrySA and now OneFortyOne has supported the Pines Enduro off-road competition since 1978.

The annual event is run from Teagle’s Quarry on the outskirts of Millicent and includes some 70km of forest tracks and roads within the Mount Burr plantation near Tantanoola.

To inquire about recreational use of the OneFortyOne forest estate, contact


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