OneFortyOne Plantations was established in 2012 to invest in plantations and other timber operations in Australia. In October of that year the company acquired the harvesting rights of the Green Triangle plantation estate from the Government of South Australia.

The company is owned by Australian and international superannuation or pension funds and is governed by an independent Board.

OneFortyOne is an innovative forest grower certified to the Australian Forest Standard. The OneFortyOne team is committed to growth through investing in long-term sustainable assets and actively adapting to changing market conditions.

In the South East of South Australia, OneFortyOne has led the establishment of the Association of Green Triangle Growers, bringing together six major growers in the region to develop new processing capacity, which will drive investment and employment growth and build a sustainable local processing industry.

Our name

Our name takes its origins from the one forty one meridian east line that approximates South Australia’s eastern border with Victoria

Our forests

The OneFortyOne estate comprises standing timber (predominantly radiata pine) and land and roads under a lease from the Government of South Australia.

Trees are grown for production of logs for structural sawn timber used in house construction and packaging as well as a range of outdoor products such as treated pine sleepers and fence palings and posts.

Some lower quality logs are chipped and used locally for panel board manufacture. Lower quality logs or logs surplus to domestic requirements are exported from the Port of Portland.

Our location

OneFortyOne has an office in Melbourne and a regional office in Mount Gambier. The team has strong local links in the South East of South Australia as well as an ability to reach back to national and international expertise when needed.

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