8 million seedlings from OneFortyOne’s Glencoe Nursery ready for planting

The team at OneFortyOne have once again been working hard to get the pine seedlings ready for this year’s planting season, growing nearly 8 million at the Glencoe Nursery.

Every year the pine seedlings grown locally at Glencoe are used to re-plant the areas that were harvested in the previous 18 months, not just for OneFortyOne’s forests but for other forest growers too.

OFO’s Estate Manager, Andrew Matheson congratulated the team for their hard work and dedication, “Our team are passionate about what they do and have been doing it for a long time”.

“They know how important their work is for our regional forests sustainability. It supports jobs directly and indirectly in all areas from the growing, harvesting, and transporting of trees through to the manufacturing in the mills at the end of the forests’ cycle”, said Mr Matheson.

In order to get 8 million pine seedlings ready for planting the Glencoe Nursery employs up to 40 local workers to support the OFO team. This year OFO will replant approximately 3,200 hectares at 32 different sites from its forests near Robe through to Mount Gambier and will see a further 60 people employed on the planting crews during the winter months.

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