OneFortyOne’s Nursery grows nearly 8 million trees ready for planting

Growing nearly 8 million trees for one season’s planting program is no mean feat, and staff and local contractor workers at OneFortyOne’s Glencoe Nursery have been working hard to deliver that amount of trees.
Over the past 12 months, OneFortyOne has invested in both equipment and infrastructure at its Glencoe Nursery to improve safety for all workers on site. However, this investment has not only improved safety, but productivity too. It has enabled OneFortyOne’s staff to grow more than 5.2 million pine trees ready for planting on its own forests, and more than 2.6 million pine trees for other forest owners this year.
This will be the third year in a row that OneFortyOne Plantations has grown such large numbers of trees to be used across its Green Triangle forests. By the end of this year’s planting season, OneFortyOne’s highly experienced Estate team and contractor partners will have planted more than 10,000 hectares of pine plantation in the region. This year’s program is estimated to be just over 3,100 hectares at 31 different areas ranging from Noolook in the north through to Donovans in the south.
OneFortyOne’s Estate Manager, Justin Jagger, said “Our re-establishment process is vital to the sustainability of the forestry industry in this region, supporting jobs directly and indirectly in all areas from the growing, harvesting, and transporting through to the processing of the end product”.
Staff on the ground are feeling excited and energised about the winter work to be done. OneFortyOne’s Area Forester, Terry Higgins, said “We do have another big planting program ahead of us for the next few months, but we are proud of what our team has achieved over the past 12 months to get the sites ready for this year’s planting. A lot of hard work goes in to re-establishment, but it is worth it when we see how important it is for the sustainability of our industry and region”.

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