Fire season preparations underway

With the official start to the fire season just around the corner, OneFortyOne Plantations has been busy ensuring its people and resources are ready.
Fire season start-up days were held in the recent weeks in Mt Gambier and Mt Burr with nearly 90 fire-fighters in attendance.
The start-up days are an important part of fire season preparations as all OneFortyOne and ForestrySA staff, contractors and summer crew join together for a day of refresher training including practical fire drills in the forest.
As well as the start-up days, all new OneFortyOne and ForestrySA staff received 3 days of OneFortyOne led forest fire-fighting training as well as 3 days of CFS basic fire-fighting training.
The important firebreak network across the region’s forests are in the process of being slashed, ploughed and sprayed. Furthermore, the direct fire attack fleet comprising the Firekings and Bulk water carriers are ready to go.
As in previous years, fire-fighting resources will be located at Mt Gambier, Mt Burr, Glencoe, Penola, Comaum and Noolook during the season.
Due to the wetter than normal winter the fire season will start later than usual, OneFortyOne’s Fire & Safety Manager, Justin Cook said “We are well prepared for this coming season, and we are pleased to continue working together with ForestrySA and our contractor partners to deliver fire response across the Green Triangle region”.

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