OneFortyOne draft Forest Management Plan released for stakeholder consultation

After assuming full management of the plantations in the Green Triangle Region in late 2015, OneFortyOne has redrafted its Forest Management Plan and is now seeking public feedback before finalising it.

The draft Plan provides a management framework and sets out how OneFortyOne will put its Sustainable Forest Management Policy commitments into practice in the Green Triangle.

Chief Executive Officer, Linda Sewell notes in her foreword that forestry has been the backbone of the Region for over 100 years, and the forests provide a wealth of economic, social, cultural and environmental values that must be managed, protected and promoted for current and future generations.

She further notes that OneFortyOne’s staff, contractors and the local community have played a key role in every aspect of making the Green Triangle forests sustainable through their shared history.

Accordingly, OneFortyOne is seeking feedback from everyone with an interest in the forests.

General Manager, Willie Van Niekerk said “We are looking forward to hearing from all our stakeholders including adjoining landholders, interest groups and Government agencies. We acknowledge that stakeholder perspectives and expertise contributes positively to forest management”.

The draft Plan can be downloaded from the OneFortyOne website

The deadline for submissions is Friday 12 August 2016.

Download a PDF version

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